Saturday, 24 March 2012

We played ...

I woke up very excited this morning.  In fact I felt like a young child as I watched the clock tick slowly by, waiting to get out onto the water and play.

I was just getting into the car at about 9.30am when Steph called ... he'd been talking to Ben and they'd changed the plan (one of the biggest changes being that Ben was now coming on the trip).  We were now doing a paddle from Tinderbox to Taroona.  I grumbled a bit in shock, he told me I didn't have to come, I went.

I am pleased to say that I had a great trip, and that for his sins in changing the trip after our careful planning, Stephan capsized and had a terrible trip with waves slamming into him from the side for nearly half of the distance - not fun in an outrigger.
Given that I'd been given no say in the changed plans,  I felt I was free to point out that those were the same waves that we would have been surfing if we'd stuck to the original plan and direction. This made a good trip better (ah the joy of the self-riteous)

However, I have to give him his credit, Stephan did apologise afterwards, and heck,  I still got to paddle, and play. I got some great runs and I got to see just how good a paddler Ben really is.
Those are all good things.  Kellevie tomorrow.  Better get to bed.


  1. Good video John. It was a good event.

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