Tuesday, 22 May 2012

How to Plan a Holiday

I'm not very good at planning holidays as quite frankly there's too many places I want to go and too many things I want to do. OK, and maybe I'm not the most decisive person in the world. 

You see, I really hate doing anything that limits my options ... and that includes making a decision on absolutely anything.  I mean what if a cheaper airfare comes up? what if I decide I want to go somewhere else? what if, what if, what if ....

So, here's one way to plan a holiday (it's a roughly four month process).

Step 1: See a picture of the Alps and decide you're going to Europe (January)

The Dolomites
Step 2: Read an article about mountain biking in Colorado, and decide you're going to Colorado instead (February).

Somewhere in Colorda
Step 3: Vacillate between Step 1 and 2, driving your partner to distraction and frustration by changing your mind repeatedly, loudly and often ... oh and change the dates you're going on as well, that's really  appreciated (February - April).

Step 4: Randomly respond to a post on 'big mountain riding' on the pedalbite.com forums about some places you like to ride (April).

Step 5: Get in an offline conversation with the original forum poster asking him where the photos he posted are from (April):
Step 6: Receive this reply (April 27):

"As for the photos they are from Canada mostly ... if I
was going to do a trip that is where I would go.
better than anything else in the world by a country mile."

Step 7: Look at airfares on a daily basis for about two weeks.  Make sure partner gets repeated and conflicting updates on what you're thinking of doing.  She likes that (May).

Step 8: Check your financial situation, realise that with the recent Northern Territory holiday, couch purchase and computer breakdowns you can't really afford an overseas holiday this year (May 18).
Step 9: Recall the Walden quote "I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately ... and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.".  Ponder this and who you want to be. (May 21)

Step 10: Book a flight to Vancouver.  Choose to live deliberately. (Today).

I'm going on another adventure ....


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  1. Sounds very much like myself...not sure what I like best...the holiday itself or the planning of one. Kim