Saturday, 22 September 2012

A free meal ...

So, after I paid for our lunch at Asian on the Pier on Thursday, Kim stumped up with an offer I couldn't believe ... she offered to pay for dinner on Saturday night at Deloraine ...

 $$$$ KA-CHING  $$$$ !!!!
... well that's what went through my mind, I think what left my mouth was something more modest like "ok, that'll work".
So as we're enjoying our afternoon tea, I started pontificating about what yummy goods I would be consuming that night and that's when the small caveat came out .... there would, apparently, be a cap on my meal costs tonight.
"A cap?", I enquired.
"Yes, a cap."
"and what would that cap be?"
Well it turned out the cap was not to be disclosed, but if I were to exceed this cap then I would get to pay for the entire bill.  Hmmm.
This then was our meal ...
Kim started off with a Bulmers Cider ... I had a glass of water.

Kim decided to go for the $16.50 tasting plate for entree ...

and she really enjoyed it ...

I had another glass of water.
Then for mains, Kim had the scotch fillet steak, medium rare with pepper sauce and extra vegetables on the side ($29.50)
I had the lamb shanks (they were the cheapest thing on the menu).

To her credit, Kim did pay the bill ... and she really enjoyed her meal.  In fact I wouldn't be surprised if she offered to pay again sometime ...

Thanks Kimmy!

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