Wednesday, 28 August 2013


For twenty years I've managed to get away with not buying people gifts whilst overseas on the basis that when you're flying around the world with a bike and all the associated gear, the last thing you want to do is to be buying more stuff to lug home.

But that was in a time before monsters.

A week of so before I left Kim informed me that the monsters will expect presents upon my return, and having watched as she carefully bought them each presents when in New Zealand (monster gifts must be balanced in terms of both numbers and value or else all hell breaks loose), I know this to be true.

I therefore had a stroke of genius a few days before I left and went and bought a handful of iTunes cards for Kim to give to them while I was away thus killing two birds with one stone ... Presents bought and no worrying about what to get them whilst travelling and how to get it into my luggage limit.

Turns out it doesn't work out that way.

The iTunes cards were gratefully accepted by Kim, but then she pointed out that they don't cut it as travel presents, and, oh, by the way, girlfriends also expect presents when boyfriends take off overseas for six weeks ... and no, I know exactly where your mind is going because mine went there too ... Apparently (and who would have known this) giving her my credit card and carte blanche to rip out and replace my kitchen while I was away apparently does not constitute a present ...

So many rules!!!

So anyway, as I've been wandering the streets of Rome and Venice I've actually come across some pretty cool presents ...

Firstly, I saw this unicorn and I just knew it would be perfect for Zara ...

Only problem was that it was the size of a small pony, so would have been a bit difficult to lug around on the bike.

Next, I got a bit practicable ... cheap sunglasses and cheap throw squishy things that return to their original shape ... Perfect presents for Monsters, and maybe even girlfriends ...

Thinking "shopping done" I then wandered down this lane and came across what looked like the world's longest marshmallow and squishy ball things and cheap sunglasses lost all meaning ... This was the perfect present.

Now all I needed was something for Kim, and wouldn't you know it not 20 minutes later, I found not one, but two perfect presents and I just don't know how to choose between them.

Should I go for the bobbly head queen figurine ...

... With bobbly head Corgi!

Or should I go with a Venetian mask ...

You see ... This buying presents stuff is hard!!!!

Actually, I just checked and noticed that I have a four hour stopover in Dubai on the way home.

That sounds like the perfect time to go present shopping.


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