Thursday, 12 September 2013


Turns out I like Salzburg.

It has lots of cool sites and unlike Rome each one was an exciting discovery.

Though I do admit that this was probably because I had done no research on the place and didn't even bother taking a map with me when I walked out the hotel door.

Much to my own surprise, I was enjoying myself so much that I actually forked out some of my own money to head up to the castle overlooking the city and have a poke around there as well.

But the real discovery for me was a shop I found tucked down this little side alley ...

It was this wonderful little shop selling decorations made out of delicately carved eggs but they didn't want me to take photos, so I though I'd share another gem I discovered wandering around.

Hey, after 20 days of pizza, pasta and schnitzel ... The idea of a Chinese buffet was heavenly.

Small things.

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