Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Lanterne Rouge ...

I finally did it ...I came dead last (114th out of 114 teams) in a major MTB event.

Yep, that's me down the bottom there. (Source: hellfirecup.com)
After flirting with the back end of the field for a long, long time now, this is the nail in the coffin for any delusions I may have that I can still ride a mountain bike in my current condition, and I am stoked over the result.

Admittedly it helped not turning up for two days, but I'm still claiming it ... The "Lanterne Rouge" is mine.

I don't think Kim is quite as stoked as me, but then unlike me she doesn't realise I usually need to crash and burn before I can pick myself up and start heading upwards again.

This was a crash and burn.

So now I'm aiming high ... Hellfire Cup next year ... I plan on beating at least one quarter of the other riders.  
Yea, I know ... big dreams ... I intend on only being beaten by three out of every four riders (so if you're a really, really slow rider could I encourage you to enter next years event please to help me out ...)

Kim meanwhile would just like anyone who might be looking for a partner for next years Hellfire Cup to know that she is willing to make herself available ...

Nah, only kidding.  She'd never desert me ... would you ... Kim?


  1. John, you aren't last when there are so many slack people who didn't enter & give it a go. Great effort for getting amongst it in trying conditions.
    from matt watton

  2. I'm including myself in the group of slack people.

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