Friday, 10 January 2014

Aurora Hunting ...

Who doesn't want to see an aurora at least once in their life? 

It's on my Bucket list (item #13), and so when I got the word that last night was going to be one of the best opportunities in a long, long time to see one in Tasmania, well, I had to be there. 

I had meetings until 9pm, but as soon as they finished I raced home, grabbed my camera and tripod and headed to the top of Mt Nelson ready to see my first Aurora

I was actually surprised at just how excited I was about this, almost driving off the road a few times as I scanned the skies around me trying to see it as soon as possible.

Two and a half hours later - I was still on top of Mt Nelson, I was still waiting, and I had got pretty darn bored.

I had also discovered somewhere in that period that my current camera can't take photos at night (it has a maximum 8 second aperture).

So, here's my best shot for the night ...

and my worst ...

Not really much difference is there?

Just after midnight there was apparently a very short Aurora ... only visible on photos, not to the naked eye, and unfortunately I was unaware it had been and gone until this morning.

I say unfortunately because after going home just before midnight I set myself up in the spare room (which has a window looking due south) and set my alarm to go off every 30 minutes so I could check the facebook updates and stare out at the sky for some sign of the southern lights ...

My impromptu bed for the night ...
I did this until just after 3am when I must have slept through my alarm and finally got some sleep.

So ... "See an Aurora" is still an unticked item on my bucket list, but I'm not disappointed that I tried.

Just very, very tired.

Now, if you'll excuse me ... I have to get off to work and be productive ...

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