Saturday, 3 May 2014


So going back in time, you may recall a post I put up about how, generous boyfriend that I am, I bought Kim a Macbook Pro for Valentine's Day, and more specifically about how, much to my surprise, it didn't seem to go down that well ...

This is a re-enactment only - I'm much cuter.
... in fact I think the suggestion may have been made that I really bought it for myself, and that a really nice boyfriend, or at least a boyfriend that wanted to stay in a certain relationship, might sell it and buy something else.

But then, after sitting gathering dust under my coffee table for a few weeks (other than the odd and very rare occasion when I pulled it out to make sure it was OK), Kim was one day seen to pick up the macbook pro and have a go on it.

She complained about it the whole time (as do all windows users when we first try and use the stupid things), but she did pass a very significant milestone ... she named it ...

Image of MacBook Sticker PineApple
Meet ... "Pineapple"
Yes, she called it pineapple, put it back under the coffee table and moved on.

Then when we went to New Zealand, and with me feeling a bit guilty about leaving Pineapple at home by herself (I told you that I'm that sort of guy),  I decided to bring her along.  

I pulled her out of her case on the first or second day ... just to check she was OK ... and after hearing Kim comment about how all of her photos were crooked, I showed her how easy it was to straighten and edit them using the iphoto software on Pineapple.

Depending on your viewpoint, that may have been a tactical error ... it was the equivalent of taking two girls who thought they hated each other and so weren't talking, and suddenly having them realise that they both hated someone else more ... suffice to say that Kim and Pineapple became such good friends after that point in time that I spent the whole trip using my ipad (which by the way is evidenced by the fact that I didn't do a single blog post for the whole trip until after we got back).


Back here in Tassie I barely get to see either of them now when Kim comes over to stay.

Yes, gone are the days of romance ... now Kim takes Pineapple to bed, and in the morning when she wakes up ... she rolls over and switches on Pineapple ... whilst I go and make her tea.

There does however seem to be some side affects from this usage ... and yes that may be why Kim is hiding her face in the photo above, it's most certainly and definitely not because I was taking a photo of her super funky hair.

You see I was using Pineapple this morning and discovered this ...

Houston ... I think we have a problem.

I think maybe I should have taken Kim's initial advice and got rid of pineapple when I could.

PS.  ... and she wonders where Markus gets his addiction to his iPod from ... like mother, like son I say ...

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