Friday, 11 July 2014

The Meehan Monster (error)

Here's how not to do track notes (if you should ever be inclined to do so) ....

  1. Don't (especially when writing a blog post about heading down new trails) ride past a new trail head and think "Nah that doesn't look like it goes anywhere, I'll go this way ..."
  2. Don't, when you receive an email (from the guy who is doing a lot of the track building) telling you that your track notes are out of date think, "Huh ... I know what he means" and then spend two hours updating  your track notes ... before going out to actually check the trails ...
  3. Don't, having just spent two hours doing the track notes above, look at your watch, realise it's still only 6.30am in the morning and think "Hey ... I could still get out and ride the new trails that they opened up last night before I go to work ..."
  4. DEFINITELY don't jump in your car, drive across to the start of the ride and then check that your lights are charged ...

       .... only to find that they aren't.

But do, definitely do, head off on the ride anyway (pen torch in hand) and discover a wonderful new world of tracks ...  because that will always be worth it.

A couple of weeks ago I posted a map which showed a new corner that looked something like this (the little yellow bit) ...

red lines - single track, orange - fire trails
What it should have looked like is this ...

Look at all those new switchbacks heading up that hill ... pretty awesome huh!

Good news is that after another couple of hours of typing and playing with GPS tracks, I've now split out the Meehan Ranges track notes from the Stringy Bark Gully track notes over on so if you want to get a bit clearer picture of where the trails are, head on over there and download the GPS or Google Earth files and have an explore.

But be warned ... they'll be out of date next week if the monster's helpers have anything to do with it.

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