Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Shed Project

Seems everyone around me is doing brag projects at the moment.

Kim is busy renovating her house ... painting and cleaning and changing taps and I don't know ... other house stuff.

A friend of mine, cath, has recently been posting about a cool "7 projects in 7 days" challenge she set herself ... which included creating cool things like yoghurt covered kangaroos (though that sounds more like a meal than a challenge to me) ...

Stolen picture from Cath's blog.
And so I thought I might share a project I recently undertook ...

It started way back in October last year (my project is more like "1 project in 7 months") when I found myself returning from Europe with around 500 euros still sitting on my travel card.

With no plans for how I might use this money, I cashed out my card and bought myself a beautiful new 3mx3m absco shed that looked something like this  ...
At least it would have if I put it together.

Which I didn't do for a while.

A very long while.

Some might say an exceedingly long while.

But then about six weeks ago, I finally got myself organised and with the help of my nephew, Sam, we spent a solid day building here and constructing there and 14 pages of connecting part 58A to part 14C later, voila ...

... I had a shed.

... well except for one small detail ... they had sent me the wrong roof centre support beam.  Specifically they'd sent me one for a 2 metre shed, not a 3 metre one.

See the problem?
So we put the shed together with a few holding screws in it, and I waited for Absco to send me a replacement part.

Which, to their credit, they did a few of weeks ago ... but you know ... we had the Gold Coast Marathon the next weekend, then I had that weekend cycling in the snow... and I figured there was no rush finishing it off.  Right?

Remember that really windy night we had last week ...

Well my shed roof blew off, the walls blew down and my shed basically imploded and is now a twisted mess of metal something like this ...

Shed damage reenactment ...
Which is why I shouldn't do projects and why I should keep my money on my travel card for holidays instead.

Projects suck.  The End

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