Sunday, 30 November 2014

Partridge Island

So let's pretend that four adults and four children make their way to Partridge Island for a kayak camping weekend, and then let's play a game called "Which of these things did the Rambler do?"

"No Markus, we're not there yet", heard from the TassieRambler
approximately 15 metres from the launch point with 9kms to go. 
So question one: each adult brought different items to the island, which items did the Rambler bring:

a) A brand new self supporting tent ideal for the different camping options we might come across;
b) A yummy casserole and a cask of wine;
c) Fishing reels for catching dinner and entertaining kids; or
d) 15 boxes of matches, 630 matches, 24 firelighters, 6 candles and a pruning saw.

"The Kids?  No the kids are fine, they're just behind me playing with matches,
now leave me alone, I'm eating this yummy casserole."
Yes, the answer is d.

OK, if you got that one right, then try this: the same four adults and four children go for a walk, which of these statements do you think the Rambler said:

a) "Come check this out, there's bricks from the old homestead over here"
b) "Where's the first aid kit? Zara's been bitten by a jack-jumper"
c) "Now be careful climbing up that tree, and make sure the branches can hold you"
d) "See how high you can get, do you reckon you can get to the top? ..."

"You call that the top - I can still see your face (with binoculars)"
"Four kids up the tree at the same time - now that's thinking
they'll be able to catch each other if one falls".
Yes, the answer is (d) again and I'm thinking that it could be that I still have a few things to learn about risk management around kids, but thankfully (and more due to good luck than good management) we all survived the weekend and although I suspect that Cath, Jon and Kim are all frazzled and stressed from our little sojourn ... I had a great time, and that's all that matters right?

I gave Zara a waterproof camera and appointed her the 'official photographer' for the weekend, but after downloading her photos,I think that there may have been a slight problem with this strategy ...

Some seaweed
A sort of lopsided scenic shot.
Another Selfie
Uhm ... the ferry wake.
You have to love the Photo Bomb from markus ..
The mind of a seven year old is a wondrous thing!

Cath McComb has written a brilliant blog on our trip here, so I won't rewrite all that stuff, but here's a photo montage of the weekend from me ...

packing (OK, this is another Zara shot)
Kayaks on the ferry.
Selfies weren't enough ... more photos of Zara had to be taken.
On the Island
Cath fishing.
Searching for bait.
Pretty flowers
Lovely *but scratchy* walks

The McComb's on safari ...

Corrupting the young one's (note the candle)

And that was our weekend, and I'm so proud of me because, as promised, I never once mentioned what happened when Jon did his match flicking trick.

Not once.

The End ...

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Strava ... it's in the details ...

After Kim informed me last night that I was not needed in her Point to Pinnacle support crew today (I have no idea why), I suddenly found myself with a morning free.

I'll give you a second to digest that and come to the same conclusion I did ... Ride Time!

Yep, that's my route above (it's about 50kms) and I discovered all sorts of things ...

I discovered an Archery club which got me thinking about inter-sport compatibility ... I mean a group of people shooting arrows and a guy on a bike ... there has to be some synergy there surely?

Always a concern when you;r riding towards a bunch of archers
who are shooting at targets near you.
I discoverd this dog ...

Which led to me doing this loop ...

As I tried to find the owner to tell them that their dog (which wasn't wearing any collar) was out on the tangara trail attacking cyclists, or more particularly, attacking me (I never did find the owner, so if you know this dog please let them know as I love dogs and would hate to have to report it).

I also got to ride the track between Cambridge and Belbins Road which I've been meaning to check out for a while.

I'll just say that it isn't quite as flat as the highway, but I can see the attraction.

I discovered that Lauderdale has the World's smallest BMX track ...

That little circuit is the BMX track ...
Which is great, because (if Kim doesn't read this) I'll be able to head out for a ride in the morning and come back saying "Yea I just went and pumped out 20 laps of the BMX track before breakfast ... I know, I'm awesome." ... whilst skipping the small detail that each lap would take about 10 seconds and the only real concern would be getting very dizzy.

Lauderdale BMX Track  - It's small.
But most importantly, I got to do this ...

"Rambler" as written by a four(ty) year old cyclist ...
Yes, I confess it, I really did dream up an entire 50km circuit just so I could ride through Bellerive and strava write my nickname along Clarence Street.

I am that easily pleased, especially as I think someone now owes me $5 ...

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Zeehan Township Loop

I have very few things that I can genuinely say are 'strengths' (despite what you might read in this blog), but reading maps and navigating is an area I'll claim as a strength.

Which is why, having been provided with five pages of detailed trail notes and photos of a proposed mountain bike route around Zeehan, and despite the notes having street names and me having access to all sorts of mapping products, I was somewhat flummoxed by the fact that I could not for the life of me figure out where this trail was supposed to be.

As I was to discover, part of the problem was that Zeehan has shrunk.

True story, check it out on a Google Maps and you'll find all these overlain streets on areas that are now just button grass plains and forests.  This meant I was looking at route notes which said "just follow the trail off such and such street" ... and according to the maps I was using that 'trail' was still in the middle of town.

But, putting that aside, once I got to Zeehan, I was told to just turn right out of the Caravan Park, ride out to the reservoir and then follow the road up the hill and back to Zeehan ... and that didn't sound too difficult so off I rode ...

The road out from the Caravan Park
Recently burnt plains
A patch of remnant (or recovering) forest
Just because it was pretty.

It's a really nice couple of kilometres out to the reservoir on a flat gravel road (follows an old tram line), and as I'd set off in the early morning, I got to enjoy mist covered hills and dewy close ups ...

After that it's a short, but steep, little climb to some nice views over the reservoir, then you take a right turn at a junction and the fun begins.

The route back to Zeehan follows a ridge line, and there's a couple of short killer ascents and descents, but I was surprised by just how much fun I had on the rest of the ride, especially as I got back towards Zeehan and had a play under the big metal structure (yea, that's the technical and historical term ...)

After a brief trip through town, I followed my trail notes up a back way to the Spray Tunnel (off the corner of Pillinger and Counsel Street) which must follow the old tramway line because while it's not particularly scenic, it was a very easy gradient the whole way to the main access road from where I got to enjoy that last lovely ride to the tunnel itself ...

Easy riding ... but not scenic. 
The more scenic road.
And then the Spray Tunnel
I always get a bit freaked out riding through the spray tunnel - it always shocks me just how how dark it gets in the middle and it's a real mental challenge to keep a straight line through the tunnel when you can see absolutely nothing around you.

But I emerged (heart pounding) out the other side and proceeded down to what I hoped was the Wildside route, turned off ... and then it all went wrong.

Really wrong ...

I spent the next 45 minutes pushing and shoving my bike around a churned up, rutted mess of heavy mud that once was a track through beautiful forest before it had been destroyed by motorbikes, and as I went around every new corner and slid up and down hills that were impossibly steep I built up a self-righteous rage, mixed with a bit of despair, at the damage that could be done by a few motorcyclists.

You should have heard the lines I was composing in my head about this mess for inclusion in this blog.

Unfortunately, for the interests of this blog (a self righteous rage is always fun to write) in tandem with this build up of rage, there was also a growing awareness that I couldn't be on the Wildside route anymore because there was no way I had ridden this sort of terrain, and sure enough when I (finally) got back to the Caravan Park, Lorraine there confirmed that there had been an Enduro race on the trails I had wandered onto (see map below) the weekend before.
The blue route is the Wildside Route, Red is my route.  The yellow highlighted
route is where I got lost and wandered onto a motorcycle enduro circuit.
In short, I was being a self-righteous idiot.  So sorry motorbikers for all my nasty thoughts thrown in your direction.

The one advantage of this little detour was that I got to ride through the Spray Tunnel a second time (admittedly this time I took out my iPhone and used its 'torch' to give me some illumination as I rode through which was a much more satisfactory experience) and as I was by this time past my check out time at the caravan park, I hightailed it back to the Caravan Park and called it a day ...

All up I really enjoyed this route, and I think with a bit of thought to routing past a few places of interest in Zeehan and a bit of trail building around some of the steeper ascents and descent, it could make a really nice little warm up circuit for people to ride.

So my thanks to the Zeehan Silver City Group for bringing this one to my attention, and one day soon I'll try and get it up on