Friday, 19 June 2015

Winter Commute Challenge - Week 3

Well if last week was bad, then this week in the Winter Commute Challenge was a disaster.

My man-flu from Friday erupted into full on "I'm sure this is the end of the world and I'm going to die" man-flu that night, and I had to suffer through the weekend, mostly by myself as Kim wisely fled to the other house so as to avoid getting woman-flu which apparently makes your head explode.

Yep, just me, the pups and the entire series of Game of Thrones ... it was torture.

Puppies walking themselves on the beach.
Due to my man-flu, Monday was spent in bed sick (so another bye) and Tuesday is now pretty well locked in as the "take Monsters to school day" (so Winter was up 1-0).  Not that I would have ridden in on that day anyway the way I was feeling.

Wednesday and Thursday I was still coughing up my lungs and cycling wasn't an attractive option (winter 3-0) and to be honest I was only saved from losing another point on Friday by a last minute nomination to go on a new Pilot State Service Strategic Management Program which required me to spend an induction day at Rokeby Policy Academy ... This, under the rules, made it another bye.

End result ... Winter is now up two weeks, to my one, and overall the score is winter 8 to my measly 4 points.

Not good, not good at all.

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