Sunday, 6 December 2015

Black Jack Bight

I've been meaning to go for a paddle across to Black Jack Bight (and nearby locations) for years now, and with the extra motivation of having a new flat earth sail installed on my Pace 17 thanks to the hard efforts of Roy, today was finally the day ...

We were a small group - just Terry (the trip coordinator), Mark and myself and after an easy launch from Cremorne Beach and a brief stop at Cape Deslacs we had a very quick and smooth crossing to Black Jack Bight as Mark and I debated and discussed the world of cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, autonomous vehicles and zealots.

Black Jack Bight has a lovely little beach to land on, and once there we had a good poke around where I found not only what seemed to be the entryway to a secret hatch just like on Lost ...

But I also found my very own Wilson ...

We went for a bit of a play along the coastline after our early lunch stop and then bee-lined back to Cremorne, rafting up and letting me lift my sail and get a bit of practice in before exiting back at Cremorne around 2.30pmish, probably 5hours and 24kms after our departure.

It was an easy day with pleasant company and good paddling.

beachcoming at black jack bight
Easy landing beach.  Kayaks in the distance
The temptation to head off and explore ..
Don't know why I don't do it more often.

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