Saturday, 31 December 2016

No Kudos

You may recall that I set myself a goal of cycling 5000kms this year ... or not.

It was a goal that I went somewhat silent on after a few months, but I never actually abandoned.

However,  I've known since about the end of October was that I was going to fail ... and I did ...  big time ...

I failed by about 1,200kms or just 3.3kms a day.

Seems so easy when you think of it like that.

The good news in my failure is that I did ride a lot further than the year before, but a failure is a failure ... or is it?

I like the idea that it's another way step towards success, so I'm going to go for it again.

January 1 2017 tomorrow.  Strava clock reset: 5,000kms here I come ... again.

PS.  here's my strava 2016 stats for the year if you want to know the full humiliation ...

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