Saturday, 6 April 2013


I've not had much luck finding the trails at Hollybank ... in fact I think this would be my third visit trying to find them.

But today I did two things differently from the last two days (seems to be the day for two's):

1.  I actually got out of the car and onto my bike (I know - that helps); and
2.  I found them.

Well I sort of found some of them ...

Hmmm ... looks familiar ... could swear I saw this shot on Dirt Art's facebook page recently.

I found the Segway trails (and met some Segway riders who seemed cool about my being there) and I found some places I wasn't supposed to go ...

...but I didn't find the singletrack ... well I didn't find it until I got home and started thinking about some comments on the tassie trails facebook page about using strava to find new routes, something I hadn't done before, and sure enough when I went to Strava, found the "Explore" tab, and zoomed in on Hollybank there was the course for the two hour enduro ... singletrack included.

Who would have known ...

On the upside, the Segway trails were gorgeously scenic riding, but I'm not convinced about the whole mountain bike / Segway interface ... those little beasts move fast and although I saw them coming and got out of their way early, I'd be nervous about taking kids out on the trails and I was constantly aware going down every hill and around every corner that there might be a Segway coming at me from the other direction ...

I will have to look into that further.  I did notice that they shut down the park at 5pm and maybe that's the solution for sharing the trails ... evening mountain bike rides in the summer months when the Segways are put to bed ... but that's just thinking out loud.

Speaking of Strava, here's my route on strava if you're curious where I went.

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