Saturday, 8 June 2013

Hollybank (Part 4) & Trevallyn Reserve (Part 3)

Not every ride has a story, some rides just end up being rides.

I'd had epic plans for this long weekend, but then life got in the way, and what was to be a three day epic, got whittled down to a two day adventure, and then on Friday (when I realised that Kim leaving all the planning to me meant that we didn't have anywhere to stay up north and all the reasonably priced accommodation had been booked) ... well we sort of, kind of, half landed on a decision that maybe just a quick one day trip up north would do.

That's rambler talk for I stuffed up, but I'm not ready to admit it just yet.

This meant an alarm going off at 5.30am, after what seemed like 20 minutes sleep, a rendezvous with Kim in Richmond at 7am, and then a drive north to Hollybank to finally ping the mountain bike trail up there.

And there it was ... right in front of my bloody eyes ...

Trailhead ... at the bus carpark as you enter the reserve. 

The trail is so different on this side.

Fun too.

... but autumn has definitely moved on, and winter is here.

I can't believe it took four visits to finally discover such a short section of obvious track.

Having finally done that though, I'm sure they'll announce tomorrow that work will commence on the $800,000 upgrade of trails that's been announced for the area and 'll be back to square one.

Oh, we also went for a spin along the latest section of the Trevallyn Reserve trail which is now complete (and obviously getting a lot of use), a hoon down some of the older, rougher tracks up that way just to remind ourselves that there's still fun to be had 'old school' style, and then a quick explore of the Icebreaker MTB route.

A late lunch near Kings Park and then it was back home in Hobart by 5pm.

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