Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Back in Tassie (aka The Kitchen)

If anyone had asked me what I thought I'd do when I got back to Tassie, I'm pretty sure my response would not have included the statement:

"Hmmm  ... I think after I get home and have a shower, I'll drive down to Mitre 10 and check out the in-cupboard rubbish bins, then jump back in the car and drive to Spotlight and buy some new curtains, and heck while I'm in town I might pop out to Bunnings and buy some extra cupboard doors, handles and hinges ... "

Which is my way of saying that my new kitchen and lounge didn't quite get finished while I was away, but that's the only bad news.

Here's the good news.  This is what at it used to look like ...

And this is it now ...

Yes, there's still lots to be done like the splash-back tiling, cupboard doors to be attached, floors to be finished, the stove needs to be fully installed, stools replaced, and there's also a few hiccups like my thermostat is broken and the oven element wasn't working (only discovered when we were cooking dinner), but on balance... I gotta say that I'm impressed with what's been done.

Really impressed.

Now the only question's are ... how much did it cost and when will it get finished.

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