Sunday, 14 September 2014

Buxton MTB Park

I have to preface this post with the background that when I turned up at Lysterfield MTB Park yesterday, I had wandered down to an information booth only to find a poster indicating that about a third of the trails were listed as closed.

This hadn't really worried me as there were plenty of open trails still to ride, and so off I went.  But then when I got to the closed trails, there was no sign indicating they were closed, and as I sat there wondering what to do, a veritable flood of cyclists came past me in either direction.

So I joined the flood.

This background is important, because this morning I was sitting in Healesville Bakery and on a whim brought up the Buxton MTB Trails website only to see a warning that the trails are currently closed ... reopening next weekend (of course).

Now normally this would stop me then and there, but then I thought, "Wasn't Lysterfield 'closed' yesterday as well ... Yea, I know what closed means in Victoria" ... so off I set to Buxton ...

Yep, if you ever want to know what to put on a sign to turn around a bunch of mountain bikers who have just driven 45+ minutes to get there ... I'd recommend taking the Buxton approach ...

A bit of information and self interest mixed together ... works for me
With that said, two mountain bikers did also come back from the trails just before I pulled in and I couldn't help but note the thick layer of mud over their bikes ...

So an hour and a half after leaving Healesville Bakery, I was back there again looking for a Plan B.

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