Friday, 19 September 2014

Mt Stromlo MTB Park

Mt Stromlo Mountain Bike Park blew me away ...

Now that's what I call Trail Head signage.
It is head and shoulders above any other mountain bike trail I've come across in Australia in terms of signage, trail quality and user friendliness ... and it's darn fun to ride as well - especially on the downhill flow sections!

Heading off - you choose from one of the numbered routes and then just follow the numbers at every junction.
Loved the playground - good signage explaining how to tackle
an obstacle and then off you go.
... and they had some serious obstacles to tackle.
Notice that there are three ramps ... a black, blue and green line.
It even offers good views.
Cool places to visit (also notice the numbered signage on the blue sign.
We did pick a good day to ride ...
Fast flowing downhill runs ...

Some technical stuff ... unfortunately I missed the shot of Kim going down
this double black diamond run.  She was glorious.
The Luge is marvelous.
Hmmm ... what's that red dot up there on the track.
Oh ... it's Kim having tried to get around that little corner a little bit too fast
but she did find someone's glasses.
... and we're off again.
... just maybe a little bit more tentative on those corners.
There we go (plenty of time for photos)
... now it's time to catch back up.

I particularly loved the "playground" skills park.  Well at least I loved it as far as the second obstacle where I managed to do a low speed crash and completely embarrass myself.  Maybe I should say Kim loved watching me on the (lack of) skills park.  At least it seems to be the story she's telling everyone about our trip.

Whilst I'd probably get bored riding Stromlo on a regular basis (as I get bored of doing anything on a regular basis) I'd come back here in a heartbeat if I had the chance.

Yep, Stromlo stole a little bit of my mountain biking heart.

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